Blockchain Developer

“For me, Proof-of-Talent is a novel way to tell my story and replace a traditional resume.”

“I am a full-stack web3 developer. I have experience in front-end development with various technologies, and after having invested in crypto for a few years, I’ve dived deep into developing decentralized applications on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains.

The founders of my web3 development school introduced me to Kleoverse as a place to search for job opportunities. This way, I also found out about Proof-of-Talent badges. I got immediately excited with the new way of presenting myself: I saw this as a novel opportunity for me as a job seeker to tell my story and potentially remove the need for a traditional resume.

I own a bunch of Solidity-related badges: the Solidity Skill Score which is composed of my Solidity Contributor and Solidity Builder badges. They showcase the Solidity-based projects I have created and open-sourced on GitHub. I also own a few Stargazer badges to represent the stars I have earned in my most popular GitHub repositories.

I love the experience with the Proof-of-Talent badges and believe they are a good way to prove skills on the web. I have used the badges in my job search; via Kleoverse Portfolio, I’ve been able to verify my skills easily to prospective employers. I’m also ranked highly on the Kleoverse Leaderboard, which is a nice way of showcasing my expertise within the community.

In the future, I’m looking forward to seeing more and more skills being added to Kleoverse, highlighting experience and education in the traditional world. I have already applied for multiple jobs via Kleoverse, and I’m sure that by adding new skill badges to my portfolio, my search will be successful. I would be disappointed if I couldn’t use Kleoverse and Proof-of-Talent anymore.”

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