Web3 Enthusiast, Co-Founder of 3amClub

“Reputation is very important when operating on-chain – for any web3 user, it’s important to prove the value of your contributions with badges.”

“I’m a native Web3 Dweller, always diving deep into new projects when I come across them. I have deep experience in building communities and sharing emerging projects with other web3 enthusiasts and contributors.

Originally, I logged into Kleoverse to discover high-reputation badges, find prominent web3 projects, and look for interesting job opportunities. I’ve been happy to see that the quality of the organizations that are listed on the platform is relatively high.

I feel that Kleoverse has done a good job creating on-chain credentials with a clear meaning and classification, representing the users’ professional reputation. Reputation is very important when operating in the on-chain environment – it is the embodiment and proof of the value of everyone's contributions.

From experience, I know that good projects will attract reputable applicants with correspondingly high abilities. For any web3 user, it’s important to prove yourself with badges. They can play a crucial role in getting job offers, rewards for active contributions, airdrops, or other retroactive compensation, etc.

Already today, I can use my Proof-of-Talent credentials to show my reputation in Kleoverse for a project or to friends that are interested in my experience. While I’m looking forward to having even more places to benefit from the badges, I would be very disappointed if I couldn’t use the product anymore.”

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