Abdul Rauf
Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf


Engineering Lead

“Proof-of-Talent badges can be minted with zero effort, but they show verifiably that devs like me can work with any programming language if required.”

“I am a self-taught engineer. During my 8+ years of career, I have worked with many tools and programming languages. Generally, I enjoy getting my hands dirty with new technologies!

I found out about Kleoverse in Developer DAO's Discord. I was immediately excited – I have always thought we need a decentralized platform to aggregate all our achievements and skills. Kleoverse and Proof-of-Talent address this need.

I have minted a few dozen Proof-of-Talent badges related to TypeScript, Rust, Golang, Python, Solidity, JavaScript, and C++. Self-marketing and building a resume is hard, especially for an introvert like me. On-chain credentials can be minted with minimal effort (after satisfying the minting criteria) and they demonstrate that devs like me can learn and work in any programming language if required.

My goal is to switch to a full-time, remote developer role in a reputable web3 project. I believe Proof-of-Talent badges will be key to verifying my expertise and landing a new role.

Overall, I have gained a lot of self-confidence by building my web3 portfolio with Proof-of-Talent. After minting numerous badges, my imposter syndrome is somewhat alleviated.

Keep building good stuff and adding awesome features!”

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