Writer & Web3 Contributor

“On-chain resumes enable people with truly unique capabilities to get the jobs they deserve. Kleoverse is a must-use website that can do this at scale.”

“I am a writer passionate about Web3 and its potential to become the future of the internet. On my path to becoming a web3 user, I found Kleoverse and learned about the Proof-of-Talent protocol. Kleoverse’s unique way of opening your access to web3 – minting Badges, building a Web3 Portfolio, and finding opportunities – is what makes me really excited about the project.

The most important benefit of having an on-chain resume is that people can't lie about their skills or achievements. As a result, people with truly unique capabilities will get the jobs they deserve. This meritocracy is what I like the most about web3, and what I believe Kleoverse can enable at scale.

I like to see Kleoverse Portfolio as my web3 CV based on my on-chain badges. I have currently only one Proof-of-Talent Badge but multiple other on-chain credentials, making up my portfolio. It's really fascinating how easily I can create one and share it with others.

I usually check vacant positions to find a remote job and Kleoverse makes it very easy to find. I find Kleoverse a must-use website for every web3 user and it would be very disappointing for me if I couldn't use it anymore.”

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