DAO & Bounty Discovery

We started to build Kleoverse 0.1 to gather all DAOs and their active Bounties under one single site only to help Bounty Hunters, DAO Contributors, builders, degens and anons find and discover the rapidly evolving web3 space.

We built the first version of the sites by collecting feedback from different DAOs and their contributors, DeFi traders, NFT collectors, HRs - and even from web2 freelancers.

Right after the Holidays, on the first week of January, we launched Kleoverse for the public to search and discover what’s happening in web3 and DAOs at the moment. Still in early days, with the first version merely acting as a craiglist of DAOs - we were able to build confidence with selected angels and VCs of whom we raised our first, pre-seed funding round and formed the Kleoverse Core Team. πŸš€

Anyone still remembers the bubbles?