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June 29, 2023


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with default go back buttons.
  • Fixed an issue with achievement NFTs shown next to achievement cards.
  • Dashboard page and my applications mobile page UI fixed.
  • Fixed issue with multiple clicks on add achievement from Github.
  • Improved free text profile search to better support exact name search.
  • Font improvements.
  • Typo fixes for showcase pages.
  • Xss filter improvements for achievement pages.

June 25, 2023


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixes url filters on /jobs.

June 19, 2023


Visualizer for Skill Scores


In profiles, skill scores are better visualized with skill score and progress bar next to each skill.

Import LinkedIn Resume


To avoid filling the profile information from one place to another by hand, you can now import your LinkedIn Resume to Kleoverse Profile with easy Import tool.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Migrated to Next 13.
  • Fixed regression issue on jobs page.

June 19, 2023


Experience & Education


You can now include your working experience and education history to Kleoverse Profiles. Projects are accessible on their own tab too. It’s more clear to keep professions and projects separate from each others in the profiles.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Include all Talent Badges under Skills tab.
  • Standardize job status fields to show same label across the platform.
  • Fix border issue with profiles.

June 13, 2023

v.1.62.4 & v.1.62.5

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Restricted access to archived job posts on the platform to encourage people to apply only to active jobs within the platform.
  • Standardized job status colors across the platfrom.
  • Brought POAP and other achievement related badges under Skills tab in profile pages.

June 2, 2023

v.1.62.2 & v.1.62.3

You can Hire the most talented gaming builders via all new gaming page


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Usage of Twitter OAuth2 for Twitter connect
  • Collection of VAT information for badge claimers
  • Fixed issue with Verification modal and Sign up modal interfering with Job Application modal
  • Fixed end of scroll CTA button to be consistent with other pages
  • Added MintKudos to profile pages as a separate section
  • Added Pride colors to Kleoverse logo in website to celebrate Pride Month 🌈

May 31, 2023


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fix POAP loading time
  • Fixed sudden error for showcase pages
  • Added a check that shows the modal content a bit different for the people who are hiring
  • Fixed issue with subgraph to Proof-of-Talent
  • Add links to the bottom of the main page for fast access to filtered views in /jobs
  • Include all filters to support “reset” toggle in /jobs

May 29, 2023


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Centering social icons in profile
  • Added organization’s categories to filters in /jobs

May 23, 2023



Meet Fresh New Portfolio Pages

Big improvement for what professional skill portfolio should look like!

Wider proifile page utilizes the full width of screen and highlights the Skill Scores builders have gained.


Projects tab shows your top project from hobby projects to major career achievements.

About tab shows shows your personal intro message, languages you speak fluently, local timezone, links to other social platforms and your NFT collections.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issues with markdown not rendering properly on My Applications and Admin Dashboard.
  • Streamlined verification images shown across the website.

May 22, 2023



Get verified on Kleoverse

You can now get yourself verified on Kleoverse by doing the following things

  • Add your name
  • Add a profile photo
  • Have up-to-date job status
  • Add current employment
  • Add email for notifications
  • Add first project to profile

Basically, these steps will ensure your profile looks complete to the job recruiters.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Job filter reset now work smoother
  • Fixes in the job share modal

May 17, 2023


Stripe Integration to Job Posts

Introduced payments for organizations posting jobs in Kleoverse. Payment options include crypto payments and credit card with Stripe integration.

Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issues of icons disappearing on collapsed sidebar.
  • Fixed issues of some dollar values showing NaN in job posts.

May 16, 2023


Mapping for POAPs

Introduced category tags for POAPs shown in Kleoverse Profiles. It’s now faster to find to which category POAPs are related that builder has achieved when visiting their profile.

May 10, 2023


Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed UI issue of combobox component opening behind other forms.
  • Updated Proof-of-Talent Skill Scores shown in Kleoverse to be normalized from 40 to 99 range instead of being absolute values from 0 to infinity.

May 09, 2023



Import GitHub Repositories to Your Project Timeline

We're excited to announce that you can now easily import multiple GitHub repositories to your Kleoverse Profile page. By adding repositories that showcase your skills and interests, you can create a comprehensive timeline of your projects and accomplishments.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Resolved an issue with social icon alignment on the profile page for better visual appeal.
  • Fixed an authentication issue with Lens.
  • Created an FAQ page at to answer common questions.
  • Streamlined the onboarding process for new recruiters.
  • Corrected an issue with the display of certain Talent badges on the profile page.

May 08, 2023



Job Badges

Verify employment within a team by claiming the Kleoverse Job Verification Badge! In a truly global online job market where people work abroad or on multiple projects at the same time, proving employment is often a mandatory step for background checks and referral calls.

Claim your Job Verification Badge at


Customize Your Displayed Name

You can now enter your name, username, or ENS domain in the free-text field. Although your identity is tied to the wallet address you used to sign in to Kleoverse, you can choose how people address you!

Display Your Current Timezone

You can now add your current location and timezone to your profile. This is particularly useful when you’re applying to jobs that have strict location requirements.

When visiting other profiles, you can quickly see the time difference between you and the profile owner based on your timezone selection.


Display Your Fluent Languages

You can now add the languages you speak fluently to your profile. This is particularly useful when you’re applying to jobs that have strict language requirements.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Implemented a popup to confirm job status after a monthly level-up.
  • Added a disabled visual state to the wallet login panel.
  • Improved error handling when users don't have sufficient funds to mint badges.
  • Stopped showing "MetaMask not detected" when connectors are not yet initialized.
  • Compressed images across the entire application to improve performance.
  • Improved the browsing experience of the job applications panel dashboard by displaying dates next to applicants.
  • Added two new optional variables to make the markdown more descriptive of the number of characters used.
  • Moved achievement form for on change in order to show progress on the inputs.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing trouble with hiding the notification dot.
  • Added a modal for sharing job postings and information about the premium package.
  • Introduced fixes related to timezone conversions.
  • Added mapping for Talent badges on the profile page.
  • Updated the information on our offerings on the /start page.

April 29, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the message displayed when funds are required on the wallet during a transaction.
  • Temporarily disabled the Twitter connection due to limitations with the Twitter API.
  • Resolved an issue related to the StackOverflow passport badge.

April 27, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Enhanced components throughout the codebase to improve overall quality.
  • Resolved issue of infinite loading when displaying toast.
  • Corrected a labeling issue on the job page.
  • Improved tips on the sign-in page for a better user experience.
  • Restricted access to the profiles view to recruiters only.
  • Implemented the ability to hide the top bar when scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug related to passport minting.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the ability to call up verified jobs from the job filters.

April 25, 2023



Discord Passport

We have released Discord Passport as new Identity Passport to Proof-of-Talent protocol.

Protocol Treasury Payments

To support the building of the Proof-of-Talent protocol, we have added a separate payment for some of the badges in the protocol. Paying for the badges will support the core team in maintaining and improving the protocol. Additionally, the price of the badges can help balance the minting demand when there is more traffic than the minting engine can manage today via Kleoverse.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed the achievements middleware.
  • Updated the bounty slug to be more descriptive.
  • Improved the hardening of the github.authenticate feature.
  • Restricted the frontend and database to accept a maximum of three categories for each job.
  • Improved the alt tags for images.
  • Updated the categories router and replaced the categories in the achievements.
  • Modified the profile score function.
  • Fixed the badges minting.

April 24, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Recruiters now have the ability to pin job posts.
  • Fixed issues with the Profile Card Skills feature.
  • Improved the search engine optimization of Job pages by fixing microdata issues.
  • Implemented new onboarding flows for both job seekers and recruiters.
  • Added a custom Job Applicant Onboarding flow.
  • Fixed an issue with FTS for Profiles.
  • Updated the Ask for Job status modal.
  • Resolved issues with Job Filters.
  • Refactored the profile card feature.
  • Improved Vercel Image Optimization.
  • Fixed a bug with the Jobs industry filter UI.
  • Fixed an issue with decimal parsing.
  • Updated the Wagmi package.

April 14, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved GitHub Auth and job creation
  • Improved profile score function
  • Improved SO Badge minting
  • Improved achievements
  • Category improvements
  • SEO improvements

April 12, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • You can now filter organizations by a wider chain selection on the /organizations page.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in job slugs.
  • Fixed an issue with the outer scroll appearance on the jobs page.
  • Made technical improvements to Achievements.
  • Added site microdata for SEO improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with course badge minting.
  • Fixed issues with achievement URLs returning 404 errors.

April 05, 2023


Improved StackOverflow Badges


We have improved the StackOverflow badges by decreasing the threshold for each badge tier. It is now easier than ever to prove your coding skills based on your activity score in SO.

Skill-based GitHub Stargazer Badges


You can now showcase your Stargazer score for a particular coding language! Stargazer badges show the total number of stars that your repositories have received on GitHub. Claiming skill-related badges will also increase your total Skill Score!

More verbose bounty and job pages


Bounty state is better communicated on bounty page and /bounties. Bounties are either open or assigned for a person. This will reduce the chance of two or more people working with the same task unintentionally.

Job page urls are more verbose now. You can access job posts with links like or

Boost hiring with Recruiting Packages


If you’re hiring today, don’t settle to just posting the job board and waiting for applicants no notice it. You can now boost the posts with the Recruiting Packages.

Standard package grants you access to talent sourcing from the entire community for 4 weeks with unlocked messaging.

In addition to the standard package, Premium package grants you access to pinning the posted job on the platform and to be featured in our next "This Week in Web3" newsletter for 2 weeks!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Bounties will now be posted as LIVE by default instead of DRAFT.
  • Fixed an issue where profile images were not showing up next to profiles on the organization page.
  • Made a small tweak to the color of modals used across the pages.
  • Locked the button action when changing the bounty status on the bounty page.
  • Fixed an issue where toast messages were not always closing.
  • Added keywords to page templates for better search engine discovery.
  • Restricted draft bounties from being publicly available.
  • Fixed an issue with an infinite loop occurring during category label conversion.
  • Improved page loading times by optimizing image sizes.
  • Fixed a broken link on the Showcase page.
  • Fixed an issue with StackOverflow badges pages having infinite loading for the minting button.
  • We have added quality control for projects shown on the Showcase page. You can always report unintended or spammy content with the "Report a Bug" button on content pages, as well as with the "Feedback" button in the bottom-right corner.

March 30, 2023


Twitter Passport


Proof-of-Talent represents your decentralized professional identity. Twitter Passport stores your reputation on-chain, allowing you to own it as an NFT.

Say goodbye to the rocket man and switch to decentralized social media instead!

March 28, 2023


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the ending date for Achievements.
  • Added an hreflang element to pages to better target different language and geographical groups.
  • Fixed an issue with the "go back" button leading to the wrong site on the organization page.
  • Fixed issues with KPI numbers displayed on the main page.
  • Added an extra check to avoid loading image files larger than 10 MB.
  • Updated the Showcase page to promote the Builders Of The Month campaign once it's live.
  • Improved the main page layout on smaller screens.
  • Fixed issues with course badge claiming.
  • Updated the category selection on the /jobs page.
  • Added a link to team members on the organization page for easy access.
  • Fixed an issue with the Telegram handle on the profile page.
  • Added dynamic sitemap rendering.

March 21, 2023


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved messages shared with the candidate when crafting and sending the application to make job seeking even more appealing on Kleoverse
  • Aligned comments sections on project work pages
  • We improved default sorting logic for organizations
  • You can now access the organization profile from employment status field

March 14, 2023


Separate main pages for builders and recruiters


We upgraded main page to showcase better how Kleoverse helps builders to showcase their talent and find top new web3 jobs!

At the same go, we added a new page that’s targeted to businesses looking to hire talented builders via Kleoverse.

Go take a look, and share how you like it!

Top content right from the main page


While improving the main pages, we also improved the content that get showcased on the main pages. As a signed in user, click one of the categories, and see the content across the pages based on the chosen category.

For instance, selecting “DeFi” shows the most recent DeFi related organizations, their jobs, bounties and builders focused on DeFi.

Bounty page improvements

Multiple improvements were added to bounty pages. Those include fixing issues on showing categories and other slight restructuring of the page, showing rewards of the bounties on /bounties page, better conversion for the deadlines, fixing the structure of “Add Bounty” form, and fixing bugs on Application form.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issues when fetching image from broken link.
  • “My Applications” and “Recruiter” view are matched better now by the UI.
  • Improved admin panel components.
  • Improved admin onboarding form to match the same look as onboarding for builders has.
  • Fixed issues with sidebar closing automatically.
  • Fixed an issue with showing notifications on the Notification Panel.
  • Improved the message in the case no content found on Kleoverse.

March 9, 2023


Report Button

Added a report button on the following pages:

  • User Profile Page
  • image

  • DAO Page
  • image

  • Job Page
  • image

  • Bounty Page
  • image

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved Github OAuth
  • Synchronized categories across the pages
  • All categories across the project are now classified into general and singular (used for profiles) categories
  • Fixed issues when fetching image from broken link.
  • Fixed issues with StackOverflow Passport minting by improving the authentication.

March 6, 2023


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Moved badge minting endpoint to TRPC.
  • Allow user to swap connected chains without loosing the user session.
  • Added extensive logging to the badge minting on the frontend side using new logging hook.
  • Improved the content of error messages shown in the case of failed badge minting.
  • Added a new hook to get the badge rarible url in a cleaner way without infura call.
  • Simplified badge minting logic making it more robust.
  • Added logging and error message for the case when subgraph cannot fetch current amount. of tokens owned by the user.
  • Added better loading states for both minting button and owned token counter, hence prevent mint button and counter from jumping.
  • Put the safeguards to preserve minting functionality even with unaccessible subgraph.
  • Overall better minting UX (e.g taking into the consideration already minted tokens when showing how much are you going to mint, better notification for various minting scenarios, etc)
  • Minting less tokens then you currently own is no more possible via the frontend.
  • Improved badge minting logging.
  • New hook added to fetch absolute URL and all places refactored to use it instead of custom implementation on every page.
  • Badge successful minting page now uses share modal to share the minting event.
  • Few fixes to buildspace course badge minting.
  • StackOverflow account can be connected to Kleo Profile again!
  • Improved UI issues with Admin Dashboard
  • Added native share interface to mobile share modal.
  • Fixed a bug with showing “You” next to random profile on leaderboard after signing out.
  • Removed unnecessary error message shown next to Twitter followings when user hasn’t signed in.

February 24, 2023


Builders of the Month Showroom

Showroom curating a view of the winners of the previous months' #BuildersOfTheMonth contests. Easy way to get inspired and join the next month's contest by pumbing up your portfolio!

Jobs Search Improvements

We have made search experience better by implementing a few nice changes throughout the content pages. First of all, we increased debounce period for search inputs so that the content will be rendered at slightly slower pace related to user inputs. This allows less amount of jumping of the content on the page.

We added few new filters like if organizations has admins or if the organization has open jobs available on Kleoverse. Lastly, filter selection is now updated with URL so that you can now access custom view of the content page instantly, without a need to toggle filters by yourself each time. It’s also an easy way to share custom view to others.

As an example, here’s a link to remote, full-time backend-engineering posted within a week:

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Badge minting fix
  • Migration from yup to zod
  • Fix end date on achievements
  • Fix follow, edit button on organization profile
  • Fix various mobile UI issues
  • Fix Skill NFT number shown on custom badge page

February 17, 2023


Discover builders’ best projects on Showcase


We made it easier to discover individual projects people have done and put them in the spotlight on their portfolios. This is also a great way to find the best projects to nominate for the #BuildersOfTheMonth contest each month.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improve the mobile UI to make job searching and talent discovery effortless on pages like Home, Organization pages, Bounties, Profiles, Jobs, Badges, Leaderboard, Signup.
  • Improved main page with better cards.
  • Fixed issue with badge minting for Skills.

February 10, 2023


Upgraded Achievement Card


Proof-of-Work in a builder portfolio is a great way to show off your best projects and accomplishments. To make them more visible on the platform, we've redesigned the look of these cards!

New Integrations Panel


Link your most relevant applications to your portfolio to let people easily contact you through your selected messaging app, display your work on GitHub, or showcase your activity on Lens or StackOverflow. To celebrate, we gave the Integrations panel a new look.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Resolved an issue with the Lens button on the share modal.
  • After creating a new Achievement, the share modal will open and allow you to quickly share it on your preferred platform, such as Telegram or Lens.
  • Enhanced error handling with the Infura API for Badge minting.

February 3, 2023

v.1.40.0 - v.1.41.0

Builders of the Month


We are running the #BuildersOfTheMonth campaign to celebrate the top builders in the blockchain space. Builders can vote for their favorite among the top 10 nominated builders to determine the #1 builder of the month.

Winners will receive a Soulbound NFT and be featured prominently on the upcoming Showcase page. Additionally, the voters of the winning builders will all earn a small gift! We wish you the best of luck with your voting!

Daily New Jobs Newsletter


Job hunting can be a long and tedious process. You have to search through multiple companies and job listings just to get the recruitment process started.

Let us introduce you to the Daily New Job Newsletter! Subscribe to your chosen industries and we will send you an email as soon as new job opportunities become available on Kleoverse. We want to make it easy for you to find your next rockstar work opportunity.

You can edit your job subscriptions at Interests section on your profile settings!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Following stats are now hidden from the public and are only visible to you. This allows your web3 portfolio to be all about you - and you only!
  • Refactoring of the profile informations on the profile page.

January 31, 2023


Custom Skill Score page


Aside from custom badge pages, which is an easy way to share information about Proof-of-Talent badges you have claimed, you can now share how you rank in a particular skill. Each Skill Score badge you have will have its own custom page, like

For each badge, you can view the claimer's information, such as the number of skill tokens they have earned, links to common pages like and, and which Achievements the Skill Score is based on.

You can view the current skill score, global skill score rank, and whether they are in the top X% of builders.

Add your organization with ease

Add your organization to Kleoverse for free today! Just click "Post a Job" in the side-navigation or enter into your browser. You'll gain instant access to our Bounty and Job Tools, giving you the power to hire the best talent in the space.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue on main page that was related to empty categories of the content.
  • Fixed issues with Lens posting in a case account was added earlier than the newly added Lens posting features.
  • Added opportunity to export all applicants as a CSV file.
  • Fixed issues with submitting the “Add organization” form.
  • Improved error handling for Infura API.

January 25, 2023


Kleoverse enters Lensverse


From now on, you can natively share your Proof-of-Talent badges and achievements to Lens 📯 Share your greatest builds for the whole Lensverse – at the same time when you're building a portfolio out of them 🛠 You can also integrate your Lens and Twitter following graphs to Kleoverse to follow and find builders across your most important social graphs – see their achievements and Proof-of-Talent skills easier than ever!

Custom page for Proof-of-Work


In Kleoverse, you can create a timeline of the projects you’ve worked on and your greatest achievements. This timeline gives you a chance to showcase the success of your projects and accomplishments in an organized and visually appealing way. Additionally, you can also share these proofs of work with a custom link that can be accessed from the custom page. With this feature, you can easily share the particular piece of the project that you are most proud of with a wide audience. In this way, Kleoverse provides an invaluable platform to showcase your work and successes.

New sharing interface


We have made a significant upgrade to the share button, which is now featured on all pages in the top-right corner. With this upgrade, you can now easily find a nice pre-filled message, along with your unique referral link, that you can use to invite your friends and family to join Kleoverse. This upgrade provides an easy and convenient way to spread the word about our amazing platform and encourages your connections to join us in exploring the exciting world of Kleoverse!

You can also share the message directly to various platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Lens!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • We have improved the form to add and edit projects to your timeline. That is easy to use on mobile as well.
  • You can mark if you’ve still an ongoing project, for example, your ongoing side hustle, or current role where you work in the organization.
  • Fixed an issue of opening the application window on some Bounties.
  • Added a footer with all the relevant links to Kleoverse on other social sites.
  • Fixed an issue with adding your email address.
  • Aligned buttons on the profiles settings page.

January 20, 2023


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved how big numbers are presented across the platform.
  • Improved linking of the bounties and jobs to their respective organizations.
  • Fixed issues with adding organization on site.
  • Removed the option to hide job status on the profile. Now you can have it on or off - simple!
  • Fixing profiles page on mobile and desktop.
  • Fix the main page to feature a hard-coded welcome panel for unauthenticated users
  • Re-factor post a job button with a better description
  • Hide mobileTopNav in favour of topBar
  • Added top header bar that’s featured across the platform.
  • Copywriting changes
  • Small alignment fixes

January 12, 2023



Follower Discovery

We have upgraded our following feature completely to the on-chain era! Instead of following people only on Kleoverse, you can now follow and find people on multiple different social graphs of the web. Starting from Lens Protocol and Twitter, you can pull the following graph and review who of your friends have already joined Kleoverse and review their achievement timeline and skill profiles.

This is also a first step on making Kleoverse a more decentralized player in the ecosystem, allowing an intuitive way of re-discovering your connections on web3!

January 11, 2023


New Custom Badge Pages


You can now share each of your claimed Proof-of-Talent badge from a custom, personal page. Address is in a format like as[username]/[badge_name].

Each page features your profile details, date when claimed, short description about the badge, amount of tokens claimed, and links to and - and of course to Kleoverse Badge Store!

It’s now a lot easier to Prove your Talent across the web by starting sharing the link to the respective badges, of course featuring your NFTs is the best way for sure!

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Added more visible button for adding new Achievements to your profiles
  • Improved badge card component to look the same across the pages.

January 04, 2023


New Badges Store


New and improved Badges Store is here.

Profile - POT Badges are Back!


January 02, 2023


Fresh New Sidebar and Header


Sidebar buttons on the left are streamlined and the header is synced across the pages to make browsing as comfortable as possible!

POAPs are back!


We have added POAPs to the NFT Showroom aside from your Ethereum and Polygon (mainnets only) NFTs. You can quickly see the total amount of NFTs per chain on each Kleoverse Profile.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Added timeline next to achievements to make them stand out better on your profile.
  • Added headers and CTA buttons to profile sections.
  • Added Newsletter subscription option to profile settings panel.
  • Updated Follow and Contact buttons on profiles.
  • Header in profiles feature a “Share” button on all profiles - not only on your own one.

December 16, 2022

v.1.31.0 - v.1.33.0

New Main Page


Take a look on our brand new main page!

Find the greatest web3 builders, jobs, bounties, badges by categories right when you land Kleoverse.

Searching for content by /jobs, /bounties, /profiles is great but it doesn't allow you to take a quick look on content in your favorite thing - be it about DeFi, NFTS or Gaming.

Now you can see all your favorite content right from the main page having sections featuring:

  • badges
  • bounties
  • jobs
  • organizations
  • builders who are looking for work
  • people who are hiring



Find the most talented builders across the web based on Skill Scores! You can find ranked builders across all Proof-of-Talent Skill Scores. Each view shows their rank, skill score and the amount of unique achievement badges owned.


You can also follow and contact builders easily right from the leaderboard.


Builders can share their current status if they are looking to work or offering services.


Lens integration

You can now add your lens handle to Kleoverse Profile via “Connect” page in Profile Settings.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • All subgraph calls on our platform are streamlined to follow same standard to avoid errors due to inconsistencies.
  • The longest-to-execute database queries are refactored into smaller ones, to avoid unexpected errors or loading times.
  • Some alignment issues throughout the platform are fixed.

November 30, 2022


ENS usernames are here!

You can now link your .ETH address to your Kleoverse Profile page. ENS domains are your global username on the web, linking contact details, address and payment address all into one handle.

Link your ENS account to your Kleoverse profile and start sharing your web3 portfolio with your personalised link like:

New jobs category tags + filters added

We have improved job discovery tools by adding more tags to filter content. There are now 15 tags to quickly give the wanted job posts to you.

Remember: search works still the same!


Under “more filters” toggle you can find new advanced filters:

  • show only remote jobs
  • what employment type the job is
  • when the jobs was posted

We have added newly improved tags for job cards to show categories, employment type, location and time since published in a more appealing way.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with Proof-of-Talent subgraph to show correct amount of badge claimers across the platform.
  • Fixed issues with filtering jobs.
  • Fixed alignment issues throughout the platform.
  • Re-named profile tags as “Interest” tags to not confuse with Skill scores of the POT protocol.
  • Improved form for “Status” tag in profile settings.
  • Referral form now doesn’t turn red instantly to notify about minimum character requirement for calmer writing experience.
  • Added better sing-in notification when person tries to access page which requires authentication first.

November 23, 2022


Stackoverflow Badges


StackOveflow Passport is the second Identity Badge in Proof-of-Talent protocol to showcase Proof-of-Owneship to the account.


Proof-of-Talent SO Badges are supported in the following coding languages:

  • C++
  • Cairo
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Rust
  • Solidity
  • Typescript

Each language has 5 different levels of language based reputation earned by answering to questions with particular tags in StackOverflow.

Short profile urls


Profiles are now accessible using<wallet_address>

New jobs category tags + filters


We have improved jobs discovery tools by adding more tags to filter content.


Under “more filters” toggle you can find new filters for showing

  • show only remote jobs
  • what employment type the job is
  • when the jobs was posted


Finally, we have added newly improved tags for job cards to show categories, employment type, location and time since publish.

We will also start posting weekly top new positions with @kleo_bot and with newsletter. Subscribe it over here:

Status tags in profiles / profiles list

  • To better stand out in the job market you should effectively highlight what’s your current status and let the world know about it!
  • You can highlight your employment status by showing if you’re looking for a new job, offering service or are hiring.
  • This is shown on top of your profile page as well as in profiles listing.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • More alignment fixes throughout the app
  • Improved page loading a lot
  • Fixed the issue of showing ugly error not images that could not be loaded. There’s now a standard placeholder image in place for that.
  • Synced category sections between different content for more fluent browsing.

November 21, 2022


Zero-Knowledge Proof Contributor Badges


Ready to go trustless with zero-knowledge proofs? We have created the following badges to recognize builders of ZKP tools with the following teams:

Also, unique Circom badge to prove your contributions and projects in GitHub.

November 14, 2022


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed issue of persisting input text in the search bar when scrolling the page.
  • Fixed alignment issues of components throughout the app.
  • Fixed issue of searching profile with wallet address with capital letters.
  • Updated single page SEO data by showing dynamic image, title and description. Applies for profiles, jobs, bounties, organizations.
  • Unread notification icon shown on Messages button on Sidebar.
  • Added support for hyperlinks in messages.
  • Improved Referral button rendering for people who are not signed in.
  • Performance improvements on the build.

October 31, 2022


Job Referrals

You can now refer people to open bounties and jobs in Kleoverse. Click Refer button next to Apply, fill a short intro of the potential candidate, share a unique link with a referral code to the candidate and let them apply to the position.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Followings profiles cards are better aligned on /followings page
  • Fixed error cases with a Follow button in profile pages
  • Fixed error with “Claimed” label shown on wrong badge cards
  • Added minimum of 100 characters requirement for applications
  • Moved Discord profile link under Discord icon as other social media accounts in profiles
  • Updated page metadata to feature content of the page more dynamically by showing specific page title, description and image
  • Fixed an issue with searching profiles with a wallet address that has some letters as high capitals
  • Hide bounties and jobs that are on draft stage in organization profiles

October 26, 2022


Web3 Portfolio

Builders in web3 should be able to showcase their skills and achievements in web3 ways - not with CV.pdf and LinkedIn profile. Yet instead of sharing a link to different 3rd party services is cumbersome, all the content should be conveniently available at one place and in a clear format.

With underlying protocol - Proof-of-Talent - builders can show their achievements and contributions all in a form of NFTs - no matter if the source of data is either from on-chain or off-chain.

Portfolios consist of three parts:

  • Achievements
  • Proof-of-Talent
  • NFT Showroom


Showcase your greatest efforts backed with NFTs as the on-chain record and website link as the off-chain record.

Fill the Achievement with a description to share context of the project!



Showcase your Skill Scores and Badges by showing what’s behind the Skill scores.


NFT showroom

You can show all your wallet’s NFTs in a clear visual format, to let others review your journey throughout the web3.


October 25, 2022


Badges UI upgrade

We have an improved UI for the Badge Pages


Maintenance Mode

We now have a system to turn on and off maintenance mode


October 21, 2022



Showcase your greatest efforts backed with NFTs as the on-chain record and website link as the off-chain record.

Fill the Achievement with a nice description to share context of the project!


October 21, 2022


Full-Text Search


We have improved search to support multiple fields of the sub-page, not only the card item you see when browsing content on pages /profiles, /organizations, /jobs, /bounties.

Improved Search UI


It’s easier to search and browse the content you want by simply clicking the category you wish to filter the content. Category section and search remain visible once you scroll the content. More filters and sorting available behind the “More filters” button or once you start scrolling.

Personal profile URL

Now, when you share your Kleoverse Profile page, it shows personal metadata like wallet address or ENS domain, your profile picture and personal intro text.

Courses badges


You can now prove completion of the tutorial by using Proof-of-Talent protocol and mint a badge for it. Proven tutorial completions generate your Skill Scores.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Aligned info panel of the minting page.
  • Fixed issue with profile image loading.
  • Improved minting of the badges by estimating the gas manually to tackle dropped txs on Polygon main net.
  • Tamed a wildly jumping progress bar in profiles settings.
  • Shows a notification dot for new, unread messages.
  • Job applications ledger shown on admin portal.
  • Hide draft bounties from organizations page.
  • Aligned Connect tab elements in profile settings.
  • Updated default sorting order of the profiles at /profiles page.
  • Fixed issue of not updating main page New organizations field.
  • Improved side-navigation panel by moving content behind bottom area icons.
  • Fixes an issue with side-navigation scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue with showing zero followers when viewing the user’s account as unauthorized.

October 3, 2022


Skill Badges are Live!


We have released the first ever Proof-of-Talent Skill: Solidity. For the beginning each contribution to Solidity based repository in GitHub generates your Skill score related to the star rate of the repository. More credentials are soon to be linked to the Solidity skill.

Read more about the Skills here:

Proof-of-Talent protocol deployed to Polygon Mainnet

Today’s stands a big day in Protocol’s history as we deploy the contract’s to mainnet. With the first Skill NFT released for public minting we have also release documentation and code to be publicly available.

See the documentation here:

New volume of GitHub credentials available


To better show person’s capability to master different coding languages we have released a bunch of credentials to showcase and verify builder’s knowledge of particular coding language.

Credentials include:

  • Language Builder
  • Language Skilled Contributor
  • Reputable Language Skilled Contributor

for the following coding languages:

  • Solidity
  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • C++
  • Python
  • Go

All the credentials can be found from here:

Twitter Oauth

  • Users can now connect their Twitter Profiles from the connect page
  • This profile data will be visible on the profile settings page when connected

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Add badge page metadata + badge page grouping to /badges page
  • Add profile page metadata to personalised profile link sharing
  • Add job applications to ledger view in admin panel
  • Extend user profile settings with Personal website and Telegram supported
  • Swap places of "Scroll to Top" and "Report a bug" buttons
  • Aligned minting page’s info panel
  • Fixed issue with profile image uploading

September 23, 2022


Kleoverse Profiles are now open for all!!

Your Kleoverse Profile is your on-chain resume that highlights your greatest achievements and further gives a proof for your activity and professional reputation.

  • We have removed the authentication wall for Kleoverse Profiles.
  • Some refactoring done for Profile page, stay tuned for what’s to come
  • Added fancy glowing “Get your Profile” button at the bottom of the profile

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved how the “Go Back” button now leads back to the previous page, not to discovery pages.
  • Fixed issue with side-nav icons are accidentally shown on Profiles settings
  • Improved Organization card design to show more information about the organization than before
  • Improved the visibility of “Report a Bug” button by moving it from side-navigation to bottom-right corner.
  • Fixed the issue when submitting new bounty application the application form doesn't close automatically
  • Improved the visibility of notifications by adding Notification dot next to Messages and Notification section in side-navigation panel
  • Improved Loading icon to more minimalistic and to avoid alignment issues

September 08, 2022




We kicked off Proof-of-Talent protocol with verified on-chain credentials with the idea to help talent by bridging their off-chain achievements to on-chain. These credentials will boost your profile when you apply for the next project. Once minted they'll move with your wallet to any decentralised app, not only in Kleoverse. All the badges are in the form of ERC-1155 tokens. Once issued and minted anybody can use those to build solutions on top of them such as token-gated apps. Currently we support following credentials:

  • Prove of contribution to high status project
  • Prove of contribution to high status organisation
  • Prove of contribution to open source (for creators of a popular open source repository on Github)

GitHub Oauth

  • Users can now connect their GitHub Profiles from the connect page
  • This profile data will be visible on the profile settings page when connected

Profile Page and Skill Chips Update


The /profiles page has a new UI with classy new skill chips. Here you can find talented builders and degens of web3.’

Bounty Create and Edit Page

  • The bounty create/edit page has a new design
  • Users can select payment methods from existing payment methods that have been previously added in the same DAO
  • No need to remember long contract addresses or decimals!

Coinbase wallet support and multi-injected wallets fix

  • Added support for Coinbase wallet
  • Added specific connectors for Metamask and Coinbase so that wallet detection becomes cleaner
  • As a fallback added injected in case Metamask and Coinbase wallets are not installed

Improvements and bug fixes

August 29, 2022




You can now reach out to any other user in Kleoverse under Messages tab. The new chat interface includes all the conversations with other people as well as bounty and job application related conversations.

  • In Profile page, there’s now a Contact button next to each Kleoverse Profile to quickly contact them.
  • If you add your email address to profile, you will get email notifications on unread messages and job applications as well!


  • See all Kleoverse notifications under one panel at the side navigation bar. You can subscribe to new bounties and job announcements, status updates for your applications and when new people follow your Kleoverse Profile.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Better copywriting for search results across the app.
  • Reduced the amount of location info on Jobs cards for a more consistent UI.
  • You can access application related messages from My Applications page when browsing your applications.
  • Apply button on the bounty page will stay in a fixed position when scrolling the page.
  • Rewards for the bounty are shown in improved format on the newly improved Bounty page.
  • Default order of content on Bounties page is re-configured to show the most recent and the best quality bounties first.

August 22, 2022



Main Page

Kleoverse has a new homepage at Find the most recent projects and featured organisations fluently on the homepage.

Apply to Jobs directly via Kleoverse

Users can now apply to jobs directly via Kleoverse instead of having to go to the 3rd party sites. Note that this only applies to Jobs posted in Kleoverse.

Post Jobs directly from Kleoverse

Organisation Dashboard now includes a jobs tab that allows Maintainers to add and manage job posts as well as review applicant details.

My applications page

This is a revamped page for your job and bounty applications done via Kleoverse. One organised page to see all the applications from applied state to finished and paid.

New content editor

Creating a job post is made more flexible and easier with native markdown editor. Customise the content with markdown syntax and command ribbon, and see the results fluently on each keystroke on your right.


Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved UI for Bounty Page see eg.
  • We have added an email verification to profile settings with OTP (one-time password). Add your mail to get notifications on new messages, updates on application status and projects directly to your mailbox.
  • Following page now includes your favourite organisations and profiles your followers and followed profiles - all in one simple UI.
  • Truncated side navigation panel allows to hide content on side nav bar with simple toggle click. Don’t forget that the whole side nav bar can be hidden from the arrow click on top!
  • Fixed filtering by filter “Chains” for Bounties.

August 8, 2022


This release majorly ships UI UX upgrades on the following sections:

Profile Settings


After signin up, contributors can fill up their profile with fluent onboarding form. The same onboarding form is accessible from “Settings” button found in top-right corner of your Profile page.

DAO Edit Page


We have made if fluent for DAOs to fill up their profile from Description and onboarding steps to linking token and social media accounts.

July 29, 2022




We have added a job board to Kleoverse platform. It is possible now to see the latest jobs postings from crypto companies. We also did a job category filter for easy searching experience.

Profile’s NFTs

Users NFT’s can be seen on user profile page.

July 25, 2022


UX improvements

We have unified the design across the platform. “My bounties” page had a facelift, we added “Back to top” buttons to every page with infinite scroll. Added etherscan link and share profile pages. Improved the behaviour of “Go back” buttons. Updated the chat look.

Analytics improvements

We added advanced tracking with Hotjar. Added few more custom events to better track profile functionality.

Website optimisation

We optimised the size of profile page and increased the loading speed.

July 13, 2022


Referrals ⚡️

We have launched a Referral Campaign to encourage current users and community members to invite frens to discover web3 orgs and DAOs and their active projects as well as to build their web3 resumes at Kleoverse. Take a deeper look over here The most active shillers will win NFTs from Kleoverse Oat Collection from Project Galaxy. On top of that, the best 5 performers will receive unique Metaverse Merch powered by REMX.

Batch Payments 💸 x 💯

To make rewarding contributors easier, DAO Maintainers can now complete all the payments in one click through Kleoverse x Gnosis Safe integration (now just Safe). This will not only make organizing individual Bounties faster but allows to use Kleoverse Bounty Kanban efficiently for quests and other campaigns for unlimited number of contributors.

Profile - Skills

After introducing credentials, the next step is to quickly show what kind of a person you are by choosing your top skills to be highlighted in your profile. This allows others to find you easier in Profiles search. It’s also our first step towards skill-based credentialing…

Profile Search

To discover the #1 talent across web3, we have opened Profile Search (v1, alpha) to discover fellow Contributors in Kleoverse. You can search for people based on their ENS domain and wallet address as well as based on people’s highlighted skills.

Follow Users

You can now follow other users in Kleoverse, and build your follower page in Kleoverse.

Connect Discord profile

We now support adding your Discord profile to Kleoverse. That will allow you to show your gained status on different servers on Discord as well as open gated content in Kleoverse in future…

Updates on Authentication wall

We have dropped wallet authentication wall for DAO and Bounty pages for better visibility. This allows DAO Maintainers and contributors to better share their work and organizations they contribute to.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Upgraded side-navigation bar to close dynamically when visiting certain sites.
  • Upgraded Kanban view to match new design + to take the whole width of the page.
  • Upgraded side-navigation items for less crowded and noisy feeling.
  • Share modal is now less noisy with reduced amount of social media links.
  • “Add DAO” button is now visible again for all signed in users.
  • Discord username can include usernames with a length of 2 characters or more.
  • Add Profile image now back in correct place.
  • Profile settings view is better aligned with rest of the design with a synced coloring.
  • Contributors aligned in DAO page.
  • Not showing draft stage bounties in /bounties page.
  • Show only assigned and live bounties in grid and search results.
  • Changed DAO claiming logic to be shown only if no one has claimed a DAO. Only already-claimed DAO Maintainer can add new members to govern their DAO’s profile in Kleoverse.
  • Improved logic for bounty apply button in /bounty page.
  • On DAO Maintainer Dashboard there’s now a sticky header for better UX.

July 4, 2022


UI Revamp and Color Scheme

Kleoverse platform now has a new colour scheme that was designed some time ago. Colours are replaced as well as added some new that were missing. Font was also added to match the designs.


Credentials are now created as a non-transferrable NFT (modified ERC-1155).

Bounty NFT is airdropped as soon as payment is done.

Also, bounty NFT can be claimed by the applicant if they have completed the bounty and the bounty NFT is not automatically airdropped to them.

NFT Payment

Now bounty rewards can be paid in the form of ERC-721 as well ERC-1155 tokens.

Profiles Sections added

Profiles now are divided in sections where user owners can edit as they wish. Current sections are Web3Activity with the POAPs, bounties with the bounties done. It is the first stage to have more information and a sense of completion on each user profile.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • DAO Maintainer can now select how many applicants can be assigned per bounty.

June 17, 2022


Communication made better for Bounty Hunters

Chat with DAO maintainer and applicant is now possible when a Contributor has applied to a Bounty. This is to make handling operational stuff easier all in one place. Note: You can also use Kleo - Discord Bot, for having discussion related to Bounty in DAO’s own Discord server and in Private Channel with only relevant people to the task.

Email notifications on unread messages

Add your email address to your Profile and you’ll start receiving email notifications on unread messages related to applied Bounties. This is a long-waited feature from the community and we are more than happy to deliver it to you.

Support for multiple applicants per Bounty

Now DAOs can assign more than one person to work with a Bounty. This is feasible for Bounties like Onboarding Tutorials or Community contests. For now, payments can still be done by only one Contributor at the time. Batch payment just around the corner…

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Updated social media links in Profile
  • Improved filter section
  • Bounties can be searched based on Title
  • Bounties chronological order is improved. Publish date for Bounty is set only when Bounty is posted, not when it’s created as in Draft stage.
  • Moved the share button outside the dropdown section in the Bounty Kanban card for DAO Maintainers.
  • Fixed an issue regarding clicking on the dropdown icon that was moving to the bounty edition.
  • Time of the application sent is shown in the applications view for Maintainers.

June 10, 2022


Meet Kleo - Discord Bot for Kleoverse 📯🤖

With Kleo, you will have direct access to Kleoverse from your own Discord server. This allows DAO Maintainers to get notification of new Bounty Applications in Kleoverse directly to specific Discord channel. After starting the project with a contributor, Kleo can create a private channel for Contributor and Maintainers for easy access to other work what’s been run on the server.

Community members can also subscribe to new content in Kleoverse with Kleo.

See documentation at and bring Kleo into action at Settings tab at DAO Maintainer Dashboard at Kleoverse.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved mobile navigation tab
  • Re-direct to bounty kanban when user clicks on the bounty pencil on the overview information in DAO Profile page
  • Increased height on the text area for Bounty Description
  • Added number of applications into the kanban columns
  • Added a button for user interview to side-navigation bar
  • Automatically change token details for payment section for bounty applications when changing the network.
  • Show application dates next to each application for better understanding what time applications has been sent.

May 31, 2022


Announcing Payments Solution 💸💰

We have integrated Kleoverse Bounty Flow with Gnosis Safe to enable DAOs to pay for contributors in a familiar, trusted environment that most of the DAOs actively use already.

DAO Maintainers can settle the payment with ERC-20 type token, and verify in Gnosis Safe which natively support multi-signature solution which enables DAOs to keep their treasury better secure.

See documentation and product demo for detail-level specs.

May 27, 2022


Global view for bounty applications

DAO Maintainers can now view all bounty applications in one common view to easily get the full picture and access content faster.

Improved UI for Bounty page

Bounties that are posted outside from Kleoverse are now signalled better by opening a modal to confirm the user is going to be directed to 3rd party website when applying for a Bounty.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Removed permanent re-direct to /daos page to enable root page kleoverse.comat some point for lander page and to avoid issues with the browser's network cache.
  • Showing assigned contributors on the bounty page when bounty has been assigned.
  • In DAO’s page and in /bounties page, only Bounties open to applications are shown
  • Added missing link to Kleoverse Wiki (to here) in the side-navigation panel.
  • Fixed issues with fetching market cap data when sorting DAOs
  • Fixes styling issues with icons on collapsed side navigation panel
  • Pagination size moved to 30 items per view
  • Patch side-navigation panel collapsible visual bug

May 23, 2022


Improvements and bug fixes in:

  • Full wallet address of bounty applicant is shown in the bounty application for better access
  • Duplicate "status" is removed from bounty short info panel inside single bounty page
  • User ENS name is shown in the sidebar if user has one
  • Only bounty which can be applied for visible in /bounties
  • Fix with showing duplicates Bounty or DAO cards
  • Fix for failed color ratio
  • Fix for wrong imported wallet connect RPCs

May 18, 2022


Improvements done to the codebase, and fixes to UI components.

ENS Domains

We now support showing your web3 global username - ENS domain - instead of wallet address in every place where users could see wallet address. This is also to make it easier to access correct contributors instead of copy-pasting long wallet addresses.

Private Notes for Bounty Applications

To help DAO maintainers go through bounty applications async with other DAO maintainers we have added an extra section for each application for comments that are only visible between DAO’s maintainers.

Show/hide left-navigation panel

Based on user-feedback, the desktop side navigation panel is now hideable for better browsing experience. Also header area is removed from the UI, and profile / sign-in is accessible via left-navigation panel.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • We have converted to for smoother access to wallet extensions. This allows better reliable authentication and payments for example.
  • Bounty can have no deadline instead of forcing to set some placeholder deadline for completing a bounty
  • Multiple categories support for DAOs (sections category, L1 chain), Bounties (category section)
  • Selecting token for DAO or Bounty is not mandatory anymore. If right token can’t be found, you can immediately make a request for having your DAO’s token in Kleoverse with a simple feedback form next to token input area.
  • "Draft" bounties are not visible in the bounties list page anymore to avoid confusion. Same for already claimed bounties.

May 9, 2022


Introducing a bunch of new features:

Market Cap API

We have connected the app with CoinGecko - a digital currency price and information data platform. We believe that showing market data of DAO and their token brings better transparency for DAO contributors and Bounty Hunters when reviewing different DAOs and their Bounties.

We have chosen CoinGecko because it’s an independent market data provider that comes with an API rich with features. Almost all DAOs are linked with their native token in the platform. DAO Maintainers can link their token to DAO Kleoverse Profile and show accurate token price as well as its fully diluted market cap. integration

We are early on our

and want to hear all available comments and ideas about how people are interacting with Kleoverse and to which direction they think Kleoverse should be developed. For that we have added a link to the public calendar where anyone can book time for a quick chat with one of our core team members. We have chosen for its lit web3 features for token-powered calendar meetings (call-to-earn, stake-coin-to-meeting, dao-office-hours). We encourage DAOs to consider these kinds of (totally) new web3 features to boost their daily (boring) operations!

You can also leave written feedback here.

April 29, 2022


You can now apply to Bounties directly from Kleoverse!

DAO Maintainers can review and contact Bounty Applicants directly from Kleoverse!


Bounty Applications feature

- DAO dashboard bounty applications view - Bounty application submission - My Bounties page - Bounty sharing from kanban view feature


Other updates

  • Scroll restoration to persist in grid view
  • Improved sign-up onboarding for the first time signups
  • Fix for bug with kanban bounty being transferred to Draft column after editing

April 27, 2022


We had a minor release done this morning, things which were added:

- Scroll restoration (moving back to daos/bounties listing page will put the scroll position in the same place it was before) - Authentication wall does not take the user to the profile page but brings to the initial destination - Disable editing on dao page, only from dashboard view - Default DAOs ordering in app based on if DAO is claimed or not - Embedded user onboarding form when user signs up for the first time - Updated headers on side navigation panel - Filter DAOs depending if they are claimed by DAO Maintainers or not - Show “Verification” symbol for DAOs that are claimed throughout the app

April 14, 2022


Upgrades for DAO Maintainers: New features allow DAO maintainers to edit content of DAO page, publish and manage Bounties and add more users to control DAO’s page in Kleoverse

  • Edit Content of DAO Page
  • Publish Bounties in Kleoverse
  • Edit Bounties
  • See and manage DAO’s all Bounties in Kanban View
  • Control access to DAO Maintainers

April 1, 2022


Today we introduce new user group to Kleoverse called DAO Maintainer. Anyone can now apply to get admin rights to the DAO they are in response of.

  • DAO Maintainer Dashboard
  • Add dao form
  • Claim dao form

March 25, 2022


  • Auth improvement

March 18, 2022


  • Profiles editing
  • Profile pages
  • DAO editing page
  • Bug fixes (DAO bounties rendering)

March 10, 2022



Totally new version of Kleoverse has just landed. After opening Beta version (v0) Kleoverse - Platform for work in web3 right after the New Year, we received much of a feedback on the platform and the quantity and quality of the content.

Our renewed discovery functionality helps you sort out the mess that the DAO space is today. Advanced filtering, sorting, and search offer the best toolkit for finding relevant work and joining the DAO you align the most with.

  • DAO sorting/filtering
  • Updated DAO pages
  • Bounty sorting/filtering
  • Updated Bounty pages
  • Improved Authentication with web3-react
  • Following feature DAOs
  • Search feature

What’s cooking next? See our

Pinning job posts

Profile Cards did not use categories from the db, but instead used categories from the shared.ts models file

Made changes for the card to get category labels from our hook. Also, added a migration to add a Writer category

Job pages microdata [includes bad urls fixes]

New onboarding flows

Decimal parser on the wrong places

Refactor profile card

Job aplicant onboarding flow

Improve Vercel Image Optimization

Hardening of auth_github_users

Ask for job status