Kleoverse Update, 05/2022
Kleoverse Update, 05/2022

Kleoverse Update, 05/2022

Kleoverse is building the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help builders verify skills on-chain, build web3 portfolios, and find web3 jobs, as well as web3 companies hire developers and other builders. We publish a community update on our progress once a month. For any questions, join our Discord, reach out to us on Twitter, or ping lopa.eth or kudoser.eth in Kleoverse!

Updated: Tue 7 June, 2022


May was an intensive month of building for Kleoverse. While shipping multiple incremental improvements, we also built two major updates: payments integration and Kleo (more info soon 😉). We also prepared for Kleoverse Frens OAT Campaign – its test ride peaked our sign-ups at the end of the month, increasing expectations for the actual campaign that has gone live on the first full week of June.

Even though market conditions were rough, we haven’t seen them impacting Kleoverse. We are a mission-driven team building for the long term, fully believing in rise of DAOs and their ground-breaking influence on how we work and organize ourselves. This future is already happening regardless of short-term market turmoils, and we are determined to work even harder for contributing to it.

Highlights of May

  • Shipped the first version of Bounty Payments with a native integration to Gnosis Safe
  • Prepared for Kleoverse Frens OAT Campaign – can’t wait for it 💚
  • Launched Demos and Guides at our Wiki for proper documentation
  • New language-based sub-communities emerging – besides Chinese also Vietnamese and Indonesian channels opened to our Discord

Learnings of May

  • DAO-2-DAO Partnerships are hard to build and the playbook is different to traditional B2B Sales
  • Community investment pays off and we will allocate more resources to it
  • Constant improvement of development processes to become faster and more effective

Help Needed

Share your thoughts with us via Discord or by DM’ing Aleksi (aloytynoja#8504 / TG @aleksiloytynoja) 💚

  • Intros to DAOs that could partner up with Kleoverse (i.e. who are looking for new contributors or better ways for organizing their work)
  • User interviews with the Kleoverse Core Team (you can book a time directly from here or alternatively DM Aleksi if you prefer a written interview)
  • Continuous activity at our Community – also within our upcoming Contributor role (more information soon 📯)
  • Happy to learn any insights about the best practices for DAO-2-DAO relationship building (partnerships / sales perspective)

Key Targets for June 2022

Ship Kleo (Discord Bot)
Communication: Chat + Email notifications
Ship the first version of credentialing system
Hit 7k sign-ups and community members