Kleoverse Update, 04/2023
Kleoverse Update, 04/2023

Kleoverse Update, 04/2023

Kleoverse is building Proof-of-Talent to help developers verify skills on-chain, build web3 portfolios, and find jobs. Web3 companies can post jobs, source talent with verified skills, and hire developers.

We publish a community update on our progress once a month. For any questions, join our Discord, reach out to us on Twitter, or ping lopa.eth or kudoser.eth in Kleoverse!

Updated: Tuesday 9 May 2023


During April, Kleoverse team focused on building multiple larger product upgrades and shifted the business focus increasingly on sales. We shipped a few dozen new Proof-of-Talent badges and implemented the first business models, generating our first revenue with Proof-of-Talent badge minting.

Expect multiple exciting releases in May 😉

Highlights of April 2023

  • Starting monetization with small minting fees for Proof-of-Talent badges
  • Onboarding world-class web3 companies like Bancor and Sismo to hire with us
  • Continuing rapid growth in minted Proof-of-Talent badges (11%) and sign-ups (6%)
  • Participating in Consensus conference in Austin to fill the top of our hiring funnel with warm leads

Learnings of April 2023

  • More manual, sales-led effort is needed to effectively acquire companies to hire with us
  • Revenue generation is a top priority, both for making the business financially sustainable but also from the fundraising perspective

Help Needed

Share your thoughts with us via Discord or by DM’ing Aleksi (Kleoverse / Discord / Telegram) 💚

  • Check out our contributor program and apply to join here!
  • Share your thoughts and feedback with us in Discord or via DM’s – they have a big priority when we’re planning our roadmap!

Key Targets for May 2023

Onboard 10 new organizations to hire developers with Kleoverse and Proof-of-Talent
Generate first B2B revenue
Release upgraded version of Kleoverse profiles