Kleoverse Update, 04/2022
Kleoverse Update, 04/2022

Kleoverse Update, 04/2022

Kleoverse is building the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help builders verify skills on-chain, build web3 portfolios, and find web3 jobs, as well as web3 companies hire developers and other builders. We publish a community update on our progress once a month. For any questions, join our Discord, reach out to us on Twitter, or ping lopa.eth or kudoser.eth in Kleoverse!

Updated: Wed 25 May, 2022


Kleoverse Core Team spent April heads down building. We shipped multiple incremental updates to the product (more info here), discussed with plenty of DAOs and users, and hired a full-time Blockchain Developer to our Core Team. We tested and iterated various user acquisition channels and campaigns, resulting to linear user growth. By constantly discussing to users and DAOs, shipping rapidly, and iterating different go-to-market strategies, we are moving towards product-market fit and exponential growth rate.

Highlights of Apr

  • Hired a full-time Blockchain Developer (started on 1 May)
  • Big improvements on product, enabling DAOs to manage their bounties directly on Kleoverse
  • Participating in Launch House Web3 cohort in LA
  • Participating in various US-based Web3 events for relationship building and customer validation
  • Started DAO Fundamentals podcast series (check out the first edition with MoonDAO from here or here)

Learnings of Apr

  • Constantly narrowing down our scope and sharpening our focus to deliver outstanding customer value
  • Distribution via local (sub-)community leaders can unlock virality
  • We have a handful of highly valuable community members who are willing to invest their time and spread the word → Higher focus on empowering them + more investment in community in general

Help Needed

Share your thoughts with us via Discord or by DM’ing Aleksi (aloytynoja#8504 / TG @aleksiloytynoja) 💚

  • Intros to DAOs that could use Kleoverse (i.e. who are looking for new contributors or better ways for organizing their work)
  • Intros to orgs that help to create new DAOs (Juicebox, Superdao, DAODAO, Upstream...)
  • Intros to leaders of local web3 (sub-)communities who are interested in the future of work

Key Targets for May 2022

Ship bounty payments and bounty bot
PoC about bounty credentials
50 claimed DAOs and 30 new Bounties
Community development: 2x growth, better structure, first Kleoverse Bounties