Kleoverse Update, 02/2023
Kleoverse Update, 02/2023

Kleoverse Update, 02/2023

Kleoverse is building the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help builders verify skills on-chain, build web3 portfolios, and find web3 jobs. Web3 companies can post jobs, boost them with referral bounties, and hire talented web3 developers.

We publish a community update on our progress once a month. For any questions, join our Discord, reach out to us on Twitter, or ping lopa.eth or kudoser.eth in Kleoverse!

Updated: Tuesday 7 March 2023


In February, we kept up our rapid growth by crossing 60,000 people in our community and 15,000 monthly active users. We also continued working with the leading web3 companies to help them hire talented blockchain developers, announcing our partnership with companies like Phaver.

We announced Builders of the Month campaign to celebrate the projects of the leading web3 developers and released Kleoverse Showcase for showcasing the proof-of-work of our community members.

Highlights of Feb 2023

  • Crossing +60,000 builders in the community (25% monthly growth)
  • Reaching +15,000 monthly active users
  • Releasing Kleoverse Showcase for the top development projects from our community
  • Participating in ETHDenver and speaking at DAODenver

Learnings of Feb 2023

  • Excitement around web3 social – both Lens and CyberConnect – continues strong
  • Meeting people in person makes sales efforts significantly more efficient than contacting over the web
  • There are a lot of builders in web3 despite the market conditions, and the activity around ETHDenver gives plenty of reasons to be excited about the future

Help Needed

Share your thoughts with us via Discord or by DM’ing Aleksi (Kleoverse / Discord / Telegram) 💚

  • Join our Season 2 as a Contributor – calling especially new Referrers to build the leading talent network with us! Learn more at our AMA on Thu 9 March 😉
  • If you know talented blockchain developers who are looking for a job, invite them to Kleoverse: verifying their skills with Proof-of-Talent, building on-chain resumes, and applying to +500 open positions!

Key Targets for March 2023

100% match rate from jobs posted to interviews
30 new jobs posted to Kleoverse
+50% growth in Proof-of-Talent Skill Score minters