Kleoverse Update, 01/2022
Kleoverse Update, 01/2022

Kleoverse Update, 01/2022

Kleoverse is building the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help builders verify skills on-chain, build web3 portfolios, and find web3 jobs, as well as web3 companies hire developers and other builders. We publish a community update on our progress once a month. For any questions, join our Discord, reach out to us on Twitter, or ping lopa.eth or kudoser.eth in Kleoverse!

Updated: 20 Feb 2022


January was a clear paradigm shift for Kleoverse as a company. We invested plenty of time in hiring already on November-December and, thanks to that, had a new core team member starting on every week of January. It has meant a completely new approach to building our organization – what was a two-person show during the fall transformed to a rapidly-growing small company last month. Excited 📯

January was a lot about onboarding new team members and getting the machinery started. While we were able to achieve our development milestones, launch our vivid early community, and build a few exciting partnerships (e.g. Idle DAO, Lobis DAO), we’re clearly still building our internal momentum. The speed of development is increasing – expect many new things with even faster pace in the future.

On February, we are investing heavily on building a rebuilt version of our current app (to be launched on the first week of March), including much better discovery functionality, completely revamped design, and an opportunity for DAOs to claim their profiles and manage their own bounties (to be shipped on March).

At the same time, we are seeing a lot of effort in building our relationships and partnerships with the leading DAOs and the web3 ecosystem. Writing this in a flight to ETHDenver :)

Highlights of Jan

  • Team has grown to 9 members across the globe:
    • 2 Founders
      • Aleksi leads Marketing Team
      • Joni leads Product Team
    • 5 ppl Product Team
      • 3x Full-Stack Developer
      • 1x UX/UI Designer
      • 1x Operations
    • 2 ppl Marketing Team
      • Another taking gradually more role in community management
  • Product launched to live & community opened in the beginning of Jan
  • Funding round closed and announced with some relevant international press coverage (incl. Business Insider, Tech.eu)
  • We got accepted to Launch House Web3 cohort in LA on 04/2022 – one of the hottest and most rapidly growing web3/tech communities

Learnings of Jan

  • Struggling to get our voice heard – weekly traffic (new users) still <1,000 people in a normal week
  • Building and managing relationships with DAOs is hard work and still too manual
    • New product version automizing a lot soon
  • Growth is still linear – the quest to product-market fit going on :)

Help Needed

Share your thoughts with us via Discord or by DM’ing Aleksi (aloytynoja#8504 / TG @aleksiloytynoja) 💚

Key Targets for Feb 2022

Hire a Blockchain Developer
Build Kleoverse v2.0 ready to be launched early March
Hit 1,000 sign-ups and continue building the community