Updated on Thu 2 June, 2022

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About DAO Maintainers

DAO Maintainer is a user who has been granted an access to add and edit DAO’s information in Kleoverse. They can modify the public DAO profile, manage Bounties, add and remove other DAO Maintainers’, and see DAO Analytics (coming soon).



Anyone can add their favourite DAO to Kleoverse by filling the form in https://kleoverse.com/add.

If you are a contributor of the DAO and wish to become its DAO Maintainer – i.e. get admin rights to manage the DAO profile and edit its contents in Kleoverse – please let us know while adding the DAO. One of the Kleoverse Core Team members will be in touch with you.

Claim DAO


It’s possible that an anonymous user has added a DAO to Kleoverse without becoming its Maintainer. Also, some DAO information has been collected from open sources. In both cases, the DAO might be free to be claimed by a valid DAO Maintainer.

If you are a contributor of such a DAO, you can become its DAO Maintainer. Claim the DAO via its profile page by clicking the “Claim this DAO” button in the top-right corner. Fill in the application, and one of the Kleoverse Core Team members will be in touch with you!

If the “Claim this DAO” button is not visible, the DAO already has a Maintainer assigned. They can add you as a new Maintainer via the DAO Maintainer Dashboard.

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Manage DAO


If you are a DAO Maintainer, you can manage DAOs from the DAO Maintainer Dashboard, containing multiple different tabs.

  • Access the DAO Maintainer Dashboard from the left-hand navigation area, clicking DAOs listed under the “DAO Admin” section (see the pic above).
    • Alternatively, access the DAO Maintainer Dashboard via your DAO’s public profile by clicking the ✏️ icon in the top-right corner (see the pic above).
  • Note that you can manage your DAO only from the DAO Maintainer Dashboard! If you’re at your DAO’s public profile, you need to navigate to the DAO Maintainer Dashboard by following the instructions above.

Edit DAO Profile


Once you have accessed to the DAO Maintainer Dashboard, you can edit DAO Profile at the tab named after your DAO by clicking the ✏️ icons (see the pic above).

  • You can add or edit DAO’s profile picture by clicking the current pic and downloading an image from your local storage.
  • Edit button next to the profile picture lets you edit the DAO’s basic information: layer 1 blockchain, token ID from CoinGecko (to show DAO’s market cap data) and more.
  • Edit buttons next to Description and Social Media allows you to add and edit respective content in a similar manner.

What are Intro Steps?

  • We believe that joining DAO should be as easy as possible. That’s why we encourage to fill and add simple but descriptive joining guides to the DAO’s profile.
  • You can edit this content via the edit button next to the Description field.
  • You can use Markdown syntax to add hyperlinks, headers and lists.
  • To keep the guide more engaging, we encourage to:
    1. Add ordered lists (make it a step-by-step list!)
    2. Adding hyperlinks that are intuitive to follow.
  • Best practices for Intro Steps can be found here:
    Best Practices

Add Collaborators


On the third tab of the DAO Maintainer Dashboard, you can add and remove DAO Maintainers. All DAO Maintainers must be Kleoverse users that have signed-in with their wallets.

  • You can add DAO Maintainers by adding their ETH address in the respective search field.
NOTE: All DAO Maintainers have an equal rights to manage the DAO. In other words, they have exactly the same rights as you and they can e.g. remove you from being a DAO Maintainer. ONLY add DAO Maintainers that you TRUST!

Next Steps

  • Add your DAO’s profile to Kleoverse!
  • Stand out from the crowd with top-tier DAO Profile:
    Best Practices
  • Organize your projects as Bounties:
  • Share your feature requests here and join the discussion here 💚