Ambassador Playbook, Season 1

Ambassador Playbook, Season 1

Updated on Friday 9 December 2022


Ambassadors invite individual users and organizations to Kleoverse. Successful Ambassadors earn Kleoverse NFTs: either 4 successfully invited individuals or 2 organizations entitle to an NFT.

Successful invites are defined as follows:

  • Individuals: New user that joins AND mints Proof-of-Talent Skill badge (Solidity, Rust, Python, or TypeScript)
  • Organizations: You find an organization that could post jobs or projects to Kleoverse AND someone from that organization who is willing to learn more. Successful invite = Intro chat in Telegram between this person and Aleksi

Anyone can start making invitations at any time. When you earn your first NFT, you’ll get promoted as Kleoverse Contributor, and you can access token-gated channels in our Discord.

Any individual can earn unlimited number of NFTs, and they can relate either to individuals, organizations, or both. Ambassador NFTs relate only to Kleoverse Season 1. NFT minting happens via Galxe; snapshots for minting allowlists are taken every Monday.

Who are Kleoverse Ambassadors?

Kleoverse Ambassadors are enthusiastic community members that spread the word about Kleoverse – Web3 Talent Platform and Proof-of-Talent – across their personal networks and beyond the web.

Kleoverse Ambassadors have earned at least 1 Kleoverse Ambassador NFT for Season 1. This token unlocks token-gated channels in our Discord and entitles you to the role of Contributor in our community.

Anyone can start inviting new users at any time. You’ll earn your first Ambassador NFT and get promoted as a Contributor once you have successfully invited either 4 individuals or 2 organizations.

How does it work?

How to spread the word

You can share Kleoverse in any way that is natural to you! Some examples of how you can do it:

  • Spreading the word in communities you belong
  • Telling your university friends about the opportunities Kleoverse offers
  • Advocating the benefits of Kleoverse to web3 projects in their Discords
  • Writing partnership proposals
  • Creating insightful, creative and informative content (writing / videos / you name it) and sharing it in your social media channels
  • Creating educational content & tutorials on how to use Kleoverse

Individual referrals

With individuals, 2 steps need to be fulfilled for a successful referral:

  1. Inviting a new user to Kleoverse with your personal referral code
  2. New user mints a Proof-of-Talent Skill badge (Solidity, Rust, Python, or TypeScript)

Only new users that mint Proof-of-Talent Skills are counted as successful referrals!

When inviting individuals, remember to always use your personal referral code! It can be found from your Kleoverse Portfolio from the top-right corner (see pics below). Only users joining via your personal referral code are counted!

How to find your personal referral code 👇

Personal referral code, step 1
Personal referral code, step 1
Personal referral code, step 2
Personal referral code, step 2

Organization referrals

With organizations, there are 3 steps for a successful referral:

  1. Identifying an organization that could post jobs or projects to Kleoverse
  2. Finding a contact person who is willing to learn more – this can be your personal connection, someone who replies to you in their community, or the one who’s in charge of the topics in the organization
  3. Creating an intro chat in Telegram between the contact person and Aleksi. NB! The contact person needs to explicitly consent to being added to an intro chat, otherwise the invite is not valid!

Ambassador NFTs

Ambassadors are rewarded with Kleoverse Season 1 Ambassador NFTs. Either 4 successfully invited individuals or 2 organizations entitle you to an NFT.

There is only one type of Ambassador NFTs. In other words, you earn the same NFTs from both individual and organization referrals. However, each NFT is earned only with individual or organization referrals – for example, 3 individual referrals & 1 organization referral is not sufficient to an NFT but you need either full 4 individual or 2 organization referrals to earn it.

You can earn an unlimited number of NFTs. Note that the current Ambassador NFTs relate only to Kleoverse Season 1, and we will issue new NFTs for Season 2.

NFTs can be minted via Galxe. Snapshot for NFT minting is taken every Monday.

NFTs minting can be accessed from here:

Ambassador levels

The most successful Ambassador can rise up in levels for further recognition. With 10 Ambassador NFTs, you’ll become an Elite Ambassador, and with 50 NFTs, you’re promoted as an Ambassador Legend.

Levels apply only for one season at a time – only Ambassador NFTs from Season 1 are counted for this season’s levels. The levels are reset for the next season.

Contributor role

Successful Ambassadors can earn a prestigious Contributor role at Kleoverse community. Anyone can start making invitations at any time – when you earn your first Ambassador NFT, you’ll get promoted as Kleoverse Contributor. Ambassador NFTs unlock your access to token-gated channels in our Discord and other Contributor perks.

Contributor roles apply only one season at a time and will be reset for Season 2.

Ambassador leaderboard

Kleoverse Core Team keeps the count on successful referrals. The situation is updated in Ambassador Leaderboard once a week.

Check out the Ambassador leaderboard here:

Ambassador Leaderboard, Season 1

What does Kleoverse offer?

When you’re inviting new individuals or organizations, it’s always the best to tell from your personal perspective what you have gained from Kleoverse and why you find it valuable! However, if you need help with defining an attracting value proposition, here’s some help 👇

Kleoverse is the leading Web3 Talent Platform with +40k signed-up users. We help individuals to:

  • Store achievements on-chain with +100 SBTs
  • Verify skills with Proof-of-Talent
  • Build a Web3 Portfolio
  • Find opportunities from +600 open jobs and dozens of bounties

Organizations can:

  • Hire from a rapidly-growing community for free
  • Verify skills with Proof-of-Talent
  • Run Bounties with our toolkit (kanban board, token payments, multi-sig integration, project credentialing…)
  • Discover talent with their Web3 Portfolios
  • Reach out to any user with our built-in messaging

Why should I join?

Belonging to Kleoverse Contributors, Ambassadors are some of the most valuable members of the Kleoverse Community. We want to reward them accordingly.

We offer valuable professional experience with a recognizable role in one of largest web3 professional communities, proven by on-chain badges. It helps you build a web3 working portfolio and find new opportunities.

Kleoverse Ambassadors earn role-specific NFTs via Galxe. The first NFT unlock token-gated content via Guild and a specific, valued role at the Kleoverse Discord. However, you can earn an unlimited number of NFTs based on your success as an Ambassador (every 4 individual or 2 organization invitations entitling you to a new token).

You can claim Season 1 Ambassador NFTs here:

Other rewards for Kleoverse Ambassadors:

  • Learning new skills
  • Becoming the voice of the community (and earning social capital by building a personal audience)
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Connecting with like-minded people

We foster these attributes by opening Kleoverse Contributors an access to specific token-gated content and channels in our Discord. Ambassadors will get a direct line of communication with the Kleoverse Founders and the Core Team and an access to the Builder District that is gated for the most promising builders in our community.

How Can I Join?

Anyone can start making invites and begin their Ambassador journey at any time! If you have any questions, join our Discord and reach out to us at the #ambassador-prospects channel.