How to create a Web3 Portfolio on Kleoverse

How to Create Your Web3 Portfolio on Kleoverse


A well-crafted portfolio provides every web3 talent with a winning edge.

As established in 10 FAQs about Building Your Web3 Portfolio, your portfolio is essential if you are looking to establish yourself as a paid talent in web3. It is your first pass requirement to get into the door of any web3 organization. So, it is important that enough work be put into the creation of your Web3 portfolio.

What is a web3-native portfolio, you may ask?

A web3-native portfolio refers to a digital portfolio hosting a carefully curated collection of your best work that showcases your Web3 skills, experience, and understanding of Web3 technologies and is built and managed using web3 technologies and protocols.

A web3-native portfolio provides a web3  platform for showcasing your skills and experience to potential employers and clients in Web3 organizations. It integrates some of the principles of decentralization alongside blockchain technologies.

Kleoverse, Your Web3-native Portfolio Builder

Kleoverse is the ultimate platform that connects web3 organizations and talent in the Web3 space.

Kleoverse provides a Web3-native platform for talents and web3 organizations.


Powered by the Proof-of-Work protocol, Kleoverse helps talents build a web3 portfolio to their profiles with verifiable proof-of-work and talent badges. This is the next step in web3 hiring and talent management.

On Kleoverse, Web3 talents can create a talent profile and build their web3-native portfolio showcasing their skills, experiences, and expertise.

How to Create Your Web3-Native Portfolio on Kleoverse

Follow the following steps to create a verified web3 portfolio on Kleoverse:

  1. Visit the Kleoverse Platform and Click on create a portfolio. This will take you to a connect wallet page.

  1. Connect your wallet. Choose your preferred wallet and fill out your profile information.

  1. Select your job type. This will help recruiters find you easily.


4. Fill in your Employment status. Provide as many details about your employment status as possible.


  1. Complete your Email verification. This is important to get all Kleoverse updates and information directly to your mail. This step is also optional. You can skip it and proceed further to your Kleoverse profile.

  1. Complete your profile and add all necessary verification. You can get yourself verified on Kleoverse by doing the following things:
  • Add your name to your profile
  • Add a profile photo
  • Have an up-to-date job status
  • Add current employment
  • Add email for notifications
  • Add your first project to the profile

All these steps will ensure you have an appealing profile for recruiters to spot.


  1. Visit your profile and fill out all necessary information on your SKill, Project, and About Me page. Ensure to add all related work experiences and projects worked on in the PROJECT section of your profile page. The Projects tab shows your top project from hobby projects to major career achievements. Also, the About tab shows your personal introduction message, the languages you speak fluently, your local timezone, your links to other social platforms, and your NFT collections. On your SKILLS page, it is important that you claim all eligible badges to improve your proof-of-work metrics. Badges help display your skills to recruiters. To claim eligible badges, visit the badges page via your profile page or the badges page here You can unlock badges to show your expertise, stand out, and gain recognition for your accomplishments. Badges are a way to prove your talent on-chain. Proof-of-Talent is a reputation protocol for objectively and transparently measuring talent and showcasing personal achievements. Badges, which follow the ERC-1155 standard, are non-transferable, or "Soulbound". There are different types of badges offered by Kleoverse. These badges can be classified under skills, identity, github, stackoverflow, courses, or jobs. You can claim any of these badges according to your skills and the categories they fall under.

  1. Use the Kleoverse Showcase Feature. The Kleoverse Showcase is an additional feature that can help talent show off their proof of work. The showcase section helps recruiters and web3 organizations discover the best projects and achievements of the Kleoverse community, proven with NFTs and links to sources for better context.

In Conclusion

Kleoverse is the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help builders build a reputable web3 portfolio, verify skills on-chain, and find Web3 jobs.

Are you a web3 talent looking to build a web3 portfolio? Kleoverse is the ideal platform of choice for you.

Building a strong Web3 portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and experience in the Web3 industry.

By following the tips and advice provided above, you can build your Kleoverse platform today and create an impressive and diversified portfolio that demonstrates your understanding of Web3 technologies and increases your chances of landing new projects or job opportunities.