Referrer Playbook, Season 2

Referrer Playbook, Season 2

Updated on Sunday 5 March 2023


Kleoverse Referrers help match top-tier blockchain developers to open jobs listed at Kleoverse. Referrers find talent from their personal networks, developer communities, social media channels, and other sources they find relevant. Referrers guide them to join Kleoverse, build their profiles, mint Proof-of-Talent, and apply to open jobs.

Kleoverse Core Team might issue monetary bounties for finding developers for specific open jobs; Referrers are the only people in the Kleoverse community that qualify for these bounties.

Who are Kleoverse Referrers?

Kleoverse Referrers are active community members that match talented developers to open jobs at Kleoverse. Doing the work might make them eligible for success-based monetary bounties.

Typical Kleoverse Referrers are people with a recruitment background, vast personal networks, or people excited about learning and finding new opportunities. Referrers must apply via Typeform and go through an interview process to get the role. Referrers are onboarded for a month at a time, and renewing the role is reviewed based on activity and success in finding great talent.

How does it work?

Becoming a Kleoverse Referrer

You must apply via Typeform to become a Kleoverse Referrer. The best applicants are invited to an interview with Kleoverse Core Team, where we’ll discuss about your experience and motivations to join the program. After an interview, successful candidates are onboarded to the program in a call with the Kleoverse Core Team.

All communication between Kleoverse Referrers and Core Team will take place in the Kleoverse Discord. We’re happy to help with any questions related to the application process or the Referrer program in general – tune in and let us know!

Working as a Kleoverse Referrer

You work independently, looking for talent from your personal network, other developer communities, social media, and elsewhere you think you could find top-tier blockchain developers. You should contact the people yourself, invite them to create a Kleoverse profile and mint Proof-of-Talent, and guide them to apply to open positions via Kleoverse.

You should keep track of the people you have invited in your personal Notion table (to be created during onboarding) and tell Aleksi in Discord when your contacts have applied to open jobs if you want to qualify for bounties.

Feel free to ask for help in our Discord whenever needed!

Bounties and earning opportunities

Kleoverse Core Team will assign referral bounties to selected jobs that are posted to its platform. The Core Team decides the target jobs of the bounties at its own discretion and communicates them in the Referrers’ own channel in Kleoverse Discord.

Kleoverse Referrers are the only people eligible for the bounties.

At the moment, all bounties are of standard size:

  • $50 in USDC for an interview
  • $300 in USDC for a successful hire

Each Referrer can earn any bounty for unlimited times; it’s also possible to earn multiple interview bounties for the same role. Kleoverse Core Team reserves all rights to changes at its sole discretion at any time.

Expected contribution

Kleoverse Referrers is a small group of contributors that play a key role in our community. We expect active contributions from every Referrer during the time they participate in the program.

We expect that every Referrer will onboard and suggest at least 5 high-quality candidates for all jobs with referral bounties within 10 days from the issuance of the bounty.

Everyone is obviously free to onboard as many people as they want to – the more people you onboard, the higher your expected earnings!

Losing the role and re-applying

Kleoverse Referrer role is assigned for a month at a time. You might lose the role if you repeatedly fail to meet your expected contribution.

In case you lose your role, there will be a one-month-long timeout before you can apply to become a Referrer again.

What does Kleoverse offer to developers?

When you’re inviting new blockchain developers to join Kleoverse, it’s always best to tell from your personal perspective what you have gained from Kleoverse and why you find it valuable! However, if you need help with defining an attractive value proposition, here’s some help 👇

Kleoverse is building Proof-of-Talent to help developers verify their skills, create on-chain resumes, and find work. With +70,000 signed-up users & +15,000 monthly active users, we are the largest Web3 Talent Platform.

We help developers to:

  • Store achievements on-chain with +100 SBTs
  • Verify skills with Proof-of-Talent
  • Build a Web3 Portfolio
  • Find opportunities from +500 open jobs

Why should I become a Kleoverse Referrer?

Kleoverse Referrers play a key role in the largest web3 talent platform. With +70,000 signed-up users & +15,000 monthly active users, our community is growing fast. Referrers belong to Kleoverse Contributors, the most important group of community members that are materially contributing to the success and growth of our project.

Kleoverse Referrers are the only ones who are eligible for referral bounties issued for selective jobs at Kleoverse. Great opportunity to earn without any limits on how many times the bounties can be claimed!

Membership NFTs are also up for grabs 😉

How can I join?

Apply via Typeform! The best applicants will be invited to interviews with the Kleoverse Core Team and onboarded after a successful interview.

Learn more and ask any questions at our Discord!