Updated on Sunday 5 March 2023

Kleoverse is building the Web3 Talent Platform with Proof-of-Talent to help developers verify skills, build a professional portfolio, and find jobs.


  • Season 2 runs between March 2023 - May 2023. We onboard Contributors for one season at a time; all Contributors must re-apply for the upcoming seasons.
    • Ambassadors can start make invitations permissionlessly and will get promoted as Contributors after they have successfully invited 1 organization.
    • Moderators, Designers, and Referrers must apply via Typeform and go through an interview process.
  • Contributors earn NFTs and other token-based rewards by contributing their time and effort to Kleoverse. NFTs are role- and season-specific and can be claimed via Galxe.


Community is the heart and soul of Kleoverse πŸ’š

Today, Contributors participate in building, designing, and spreading the word about Kleoverse; Referrers have a specific role for inviting the best talent to join; and people in Talent Network are actively or passively looking for the best developer jobs in web3.

This document contains all information about how the Kleoverse community operates, how it’s structured, which kind of opportunities there are, and how we plan to develop in the future.


We believe that internet-native organizations – like all web3 companies – are layered networks consisting of an audience, users, contributors, and core team members that engage with and contribute to the organization with varying commitment levels. Different layers describe how we see Kleoverse community, as well as the expected commitment and the influence on product and governance decisions by each group.


Kleoverse community is organized in 3-month-long seasons. We are currently in the Season 2 that runs between March 2023 - May 2023. All information in this document is specific for Season 2 and subject to change in the future.

Today, Kleoverse operates as a venture capital-funded private corporation with a centralized core team. Our community is currently structured as follows:



Anyone viewing or engaging with Kleoverse content on social media, subscribing to our newsletter, interacting with Proof-of-Talent badges or Kleoverse Portfolios across the web, or just hearing about us from friends belong to our Audience. Anyone can belong to our Audience without permission, even if they haven’t used Kleoverse product.



Users have signed up to the Kleoverse product with their wallets. They navigate to and use the product for finding working opportunities, discovering and acquiring talent, building their web3 portfolios with Proof-of-Talent, or in any other way.

Anyone can use the product permissionlessly – the only prerequisite is to sign in with one’s Ethereum-based wallet.


Talent Network

Talent Network is a subset of users, consisting of activated blockchain developers that are using Kleoverse to find jobs.

To belong to our Talent Network, a user must be a blockchain developer who has completed their Kleoverse Portfolio and minted Proof-of-Talent Skill Scores. Any user meeting this criteria belongs to Kleoverse Talent Network.



Contributors are Community members who want to dedicate their time and effort for the Kleoverse community. Contributors are onboarded for one season at a time, and they need to re-apply for a subsequent season. Contributors are divided into Moderators, Ambassadors, Designers, and Referrers; any Contributor can belong to multiple roles at the same time (given they are successfully selected to them). Contributors are expected to actively contribute to the tasks allocated to them.

To become Moderator, Designer, or Recruiter, one must apply via Typeform and go through an interview process. Ambassadors can start working permissionlessly and will be onboarded based on their success.

We currently operate on our Season 2, running between March 2023 - May 2023.

Learn more about Contributor roles from their respective playbooks and below.



Referrers are an important subset of Contributors. They help match top-tier blockchain developers to open jobs at Kleoverse by finding top-tier talent and guiding them to join Kleoverse, build their profiles, mint Proof-of-Talent, and apply to open jobs.

Kleoverse Core Team might issue monetary bounties for finding developers to specific open jobs; Referrers are the only people in Kleoverse community that qualify to these bounties.

Apply via Typeform and learn more from Referrer Playbook:



Kleoverse is backed by venture capital and angel investors (more information here). They advise the core team in product development and business strategy, and hold formal power over certain governance-related decisions.

Kleoverse might seek additional external capital in the future, possibly affecting the role of the Investors in the organization.


Core Team

Kleoverse Core Team consists of 8 full-time employees. They are responsible for the development and growth of the Kleoverse product and the Proof-of-Talent protocol, and hold the majority of the governance power.

Core Team recruits new members selectively based on the organization's long-term strategic plans and needs. All Core Team members are employed full-time by Kleoverse and expected to possess exceptional talent and a passion for our mission of revolutionizing talent measurement and discovery on the web.

More information about the Core Team here. Open roles:

Contributor Roles

Kleoverse Contributors are the most active members of our Community. They are the true early adopters of our project, supporting us with their time and effort. Contributors have earned their roles with continuous activity and support for Kleoverse and our mission.

Contributors are arranged in roles: Ambassadors, Referrers, Moderators, and Designers. Contributors apply to a certain role, and they hold at least one role at any given time. New roles might be introduced in the future.

Ambassadors can start working permissionlessly at any time, and will get promoted as Contributors with their first Ambassador NFT. Referrers, Moderators, and Designers must apply for their roles. Check out role-specific application instructions from their respective playbooks.

As valuable members of our community, we want to reward Contributors accordingly. All Contributors earn role- and season-specific NFTs via Galxe that unlock token-gated roles and channels at Kleoverse Community (connect your wallet via Guild).

Learn more about Contributor roles:

Future Plans

In this document, we have outlined the structure and roadmap of the Kleoverse Community and the broader Kleoverse organization for Season 2. The structure, roadmap, and different roles discussed here will evolve in the future, with a goal of further empowering our community to participate and influence the development and growth of Kleoverse and the Proof-of-Talent protocol.

We would love to hear your thoughts and have you as a part of our community πŸ’šΒ Join the discussion on our Discord and stay tuned for the latest news on Twitter.

See you at Kleoverse πŸ“―